Comic-Con 2017: Your ‘iZombie’ Burning Questions Answered

iZombie - Liv Moore (Rose McIver) - Comicon 2017 SIP
Jack Rowand/The CW
iZombie - Liv Moore (Rose McIver)

When iZombie returns in 2018, it will be a whole new world order: Thanks to a zombie-tainted vaccination, a good portion of the Seattle population was turned into brain eaters. But there could be hope for those who aren’t infected, as medical examiner Ravi (Rahul Kohli) potentially developed an inoculation that would prevent humans from infection. However, to properly test it, he took a big risk—he ingested the medicine and then had Liv (Rose McIver) scratch him. We asked executive producer Rob Thomas to weigh in on all things live and undead.

After all that’s happened, how will Liv’s world be upended?
She will have no secret identity next season. There is going to be a zombie crime division—detectives who work with zombies to help solve cases. Ravi and Seattle detective Clive [Malcolm Goodwin] will have to be a lot less surreptitious.

What twists are in store? And is Ravi truly becoming a zombie?
We know what’s going to happen with Ravi, but I don’t want to give it away. An outright cure that has no side effects is probably a long way away, but that doesn’t mean they won’t make progress on it. Whenever we play around with having a cure in some form, we think that taking it has to have its own side effects.

With Liv’s ex-fiancé Major (Robert Buckley) doubling down on his allegiance to the zombie-run paramilitary agency Fillmore Graves and becoming a zombie again, what does that mean for his friendships with Liv and Ravi?
It’s going to be a point of conflict. Fillmore Graves will essentially dictate zombie law, and Jason Dohring’s Chase Graves is the most powerful man in Seattle. Major, who wants to be the good guy, may not be perceived that way by the citizens.

What can you tell us about the changeover going on in former zombie Blaine’s (David Anders) character? We’re envisioning him as Rick from Casablanca. He’s operating out in the fringes: For people who don’t want to get their brains from brain tubes, Blaine is the man you go to.

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Will there be a time jump when Season 4 kicks off?
We are going to have a little bit of a time jump. The barricades are up, leading in and out of Seattle—there is some order in the city. I think we’re going to pick up a month or two after Season 3 ends.

And at the Comic-Con panel, it was announced that Robert Knepper will be a series regular in the upcoming Season 4. Watch the video now!

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