‘Full Frontal’: Keep Shouting ‘Impeachment’ and See What Happens (VIDEO)

With the massive slush fund Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans were trying to pass off as healthcare safely in the grave—and hopefully it will stay there this time—we’re all free to turn our constant sense of anxiety and looming dread to the Trump administration’s efforts to combat so-called voter fraud. Samantha Bee and co., fresh from a refreshing two weeks off watching CSPAN, started things off on Wednesday night’s Full Frontal by introducing us to the delusional creeps in charge the president’s Election Integrity Commission, including Kansas Secretary of State Kris “the ACLU’s worst nightmare” Kobach.

“Kris doesn’t just talk the voter suppression talk, he walks the voter suppression walk,” Bee says of the Kansas gubernatorial hopeful whose “proof of citizenship” law blocked one in seven new Kansas voters from registering.

Elsewhere on the show, Mike Rubens and Ashley Nicole Black do their best to explain to protesters at an L.A. march exactly how impeachment works. But, it turns out, convincing liberal wingnuts and Bernie Bros to focus their energies on practical issues and local elections is about as fruitful as trying to convince Kris Kobach and Donald Trump that 3 million dead undocumented immigrants didn’t vote for Hillary.

Check out the clip below.