Orange Is the New Black Stars tackle Reservoir Dogs

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Orange Is the New Black stars tackle Reservoir Dogs
Watch the Netflix cast parody the Quentin Tarantino film for Red Nose Day’s Reservoir Bitches.

Comedy Central announces premiere dates for Key & Peele, Drunk History and more summer shows
Key & Peele will be paired with Why? With Hannibal Buress, starting July 8. Andy Daly’s Review returns July 30 along with The Meltdown with Jonah and Kumail. Meanwhile, Drunk History won’t be back until Sept. 1.

Alec Baldwin pens a touching tribute to Letterman, the “totally self-conscious nut from Indiana who became TV’s greatest host”
Baldwin, who briefly worked for Letterman in 1982, writes in The Huffington Post: “We’ve watched him grow and change. Earlier in his career, he was more aggressive, even predatory. Making his point and/or getting the laugh, regardless of the fallout, seemed to be the goal. It could be very funny at times, but something was missing. Whether you credit it to maturity or marriage and fatherhood or brushes with mortality due to health issues, Letterman changed. I don’t think mellowed is the word, because the aggression and bite were still there. The difference was it wasn’t aimed at his guests, but at some hapless yet ultimately deserving target at large in the world. Dick Cheney, Anthony Weiner, Donald Trump. In applying his skills this way, he became the Letterman I’ve enjoyed knowing, and that is the Gracious Host.” PLUS: Letterman leaves behind a “tremendously male” legacy, remembering Letterman’s powerful 9/11 monologue, Letterman’s 8 blackest moments, check out Letterman’s 1st-ever Top 10 list, there was some doubt over Letterman’s 11:30 success, Ball State University devotes its home page to Letterman, how Harvey Pekar became one of Late Night‘s best recurring guests, watch Letterman’s 1993 CBS news conference, exec producer Robert “Morty” Morton recalls his work with Dave, Letterman is crucial because he’s a bridge between the Carson and Kimmel generation of late-night hosts, Letterman vs. Mister Rogers, and how Letterman disrupted television.

In a recasting, Skeet Ulrich is joining Unforgettable
He’ll play Poppy Montgomery’s character’s husband, replacing Michael Dempsey.

HBO sets Aug. 16 premiere date for David Simon’s Show Me a Hero miniseries
The Wire creator is teaming with Crash director Paul Haggis on a six-part miniseries on the 1980s effort to desegregate Yonkers, New York.

Mimi Rogers joins Ash vs. Evil Dead
She’ll play the mom of Dana DeLorenzo’s Kelly on the Starz series.

Masters of Sex books Better Call Saul‘s Julie Ann Emery, pairs Tate Donovan with Allison Janney for Season 3
Donovan will guest on two episodes as a “confident scientist” whose relationship with Janney’s character brings them to the Masters and Johnson clinic.

Dylan and Cole Sprouse are college graduates
The Suite Life of Zack and Cody stars graduated today from New York University with honors.