Braxton Family Values: Trina Comes Clean in Season Premiere (VIDEO)

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Brace for the fallout: Trina is finally coming clean with her sisters.

When Braxton Family Values returns for its fifth season next Thursday (with a premiere episode ominously titled “Go For the Jugular”), the sisters reunite for a little group-support weekend following news that mom Evelyn is due for surgery. But the tables turn when Towanda hints to the rest that Trina has a secret. And when Trina tells the truth, Tamar has something to say about it (that includes the phrase “a fool from outerspace-dot-org”):

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Elsewhere in the episode, Kevin Jr.’s own surprise (he’s engaged!) has his mother Traci wondering if his girlfriend is pregnant.

Braxton Family Values, Season premiere Thursday, May 21, 9/8c, WE tv