Wentworth Miller confirms Fox is in talks to bring back ‘Prison Break’

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Wentworth Miller confirms Fox is in talks to bring back Prison Break

Both Miller and his Prison Break brother Dominic Purcell, who have reunited on CW’s Legends of Tomorrow, say Fox is seriously considering a revival of the 2005-09 drama series. “Conversations are happening,” Miller tells TV Line, adding that the conversations are “assuming Michael is still alive.”

Reelz boss: We had trouble selling ads for Miss USA, “but we didn’t lose a lot of money”

Reelz Network paid $100,000 to broadcast this year’s pageant. An investment that Reelz CEO Stan E. Hubbard says gave his cable network “some standing in the industry and some standing with viewers, and that is hard to come by.”

Stephen Colbert reacts to NASA’s Pluto flyby — with Neil deGrasse Tyson

Colbert and Tyson celebrated the mission by drinking Tang and eating Klondike bars.

Actor Adam Goldberg is in a Twitter feud with The Goldbergs creator Adam F. Goldberg

With the actor Goldberg’s TV Land sitcom The Jim Gaffigan Show premiering Wednesday, he wants to make sure his Twitter followers know he has nothing to do with the ABC sitcom that shares his last name.

Guillermo Diaz posts a picture of himself at Scandal’s Season 5 outfit fitting

It looks like Huck will be back next season.

The View
may get another co-host: GMA Weekend’s Paula Faris

ABC News execs are eyeing Faris as the new Meredith Vieira with hopes she could bring a news sensibility back to The View.

Denise Huxtable’s Cosby Show husband: “Of course Bill Cosby is Guilty!”

Joseph C. Phillips says “I never saw Bill engage in any inappropriate behavior,” but he’s convinced Cosby is guilty after speaking with a woman who claims Cosby violated “both her trust and her body.”

NBC’s Emerald City will be directed by Tarsem Singh

The Cell director will helm all 10 episodes of The Wizard of Oz miniseries.

ESPN’s Jalen Rose added to ABC’s To Tell the Truth

The NBA Countdown star will serve as a celebrity panelist on the game show revival.

Richard Jenkins joins Epix’s Berlin Station

The Six Feet Under alum will play the CIA’s Chief of the Berlin Station in Epix’s first drama series.

PBS captured Harper Lee’s reaction to Go Set A Watchman’s publication

Watch a clip from the updated version of Harper Lee: American Masters, featuring footage of the 89-year-old author shot on June 30.

The Wire
cast will reunite this weekend to give back to Baltimore

Sonja Sohn is gathering Andre Royo, Wendell Pierce, Michael Kenneth Williams and Dominic West for her Wired Up project.

The O.C.
musical rounds out its cast

See who will be playing Ryan Atwood, Seth Cohen, Summer Roberts and Marissa Cooper for the one-night-only performance.

Masters of Sex
’s biggest flaw is that it’s essentially historical fiction

“It is using very real characters and context as a canvas for what is essentially a made-up story,” says Andy Greenwald. “…This maroons the narrative in an unfortunate no-man’s-land between fact and imagination. Unlike Mad Men, a ’60s-set drama that was free to bend its make-believe action figures every which way in pursuit of story, Masters sees every flight of fancy yanked rudely back in line with the public record.”

’s Phil Morris spoofs Game of Thrones’ Battle of Castle Black

Watch a Ken Burns-style documentary on the Season 4 battle.

Gilmore Girls
fandom is thriving thanks to the Gilmore Guys podcast

The 10-month-old podcast features intricate episode reviews and guest appearances by Stars Hollow veterans.

American Experience
recalls NYC’s 1977 Blackout

The problem, however, with PBS’ one-hour film is that it lacks perspective.

ABC Family renews Stitchers

The summer series about a woman who’s “stitched” into the minds of the recently deceased will be back for Season 2.

Is Kaitlyn the worst-ever Bachelorette?

Her final two has resulted in a “Juan Pablo-size crisis.” PLUS: Britt Nilsson splits from Brady Toops.

You’re the Worst
casts Justin Kirk and Tara Summers to play a couple

The Weeds and Ringer alums will guest in one episode next season.

Watch Comedy Central’s Moonbeam City trailer

Rob Lowe, Kate Mara, Elizabeth Banks and Will Forte are among the big names lending their voices to the animated series that debuts in September.

Justin Bieber confesses to having a big crush on Kelly Ripa

Bieber posted a photo of the Live! star in lingerie on Instagram, writing: “Wow Kelly makes me feel some type of way. No disrespect I know she’s married! #bigcrush

Jon Stewart gets a catchy tribute

Check out Electric Method’s tribute to The Daily Show host.