‘Heroes Reborn’ Trailer Has All the Action You Need


At Sunday’s Comic-Con panel, Heroes Reborn offered up a new, fuller look at what’s ahead for the rebooted NBC series when it premieres September 24:


We’ve seen character GIFs, key art and previous trailers, but the panel offered the clearest view yet of what to expect from the show.

Among the notable bits discussed during the panel was the notion of Zachary Levi playing evil. In fact, we chatted with Levi in an interview before Comic-Con about what it’s like playing a role so different from Chuck. He told us:

Chuck and Heroes were on NBC at the same time, and, as much as I loved Chuck, I was jealous of Heroes because those people got to fly and do time travel and all that cool s–t. When it was announced that Heroes was coming back, I immediately asked my team to get on it. After years of playing the goofy guy with the big heart, I was looking for something grittier, messier, meaner. And I got it. My character, Luke Collins, has a real ax to grind when it comes to people with special powers. He’s lived through a lot of torment and conflict, and it has sent him down a dark rabbit hole. You won’t know who’s going to die at his hands. No one is going to confuse this guy with Chuck.

The panel opened with Tim Kring’s enthusiasm for returning to Comic-Con with Heroes: “This is not supposed to happen, to get a second bite of the apple.”

Before introducing the cast Tim Kring talked about the other mediums the Heroes universe would explore. There will be six e-books written by best selling authors. Imperative Entertainment will be releasing two video games. Heroes Reborn: Gemini for console/PC and Heroes Reborn: Enigma for smartphone/tablet. These stories will help connect the original Heroes television show with the upcoming Heroes Reborn show.

The show will also have a web series called Heroes Dark Matters, available via an app.

—By Kathryn Calamia and Amanda McGrath