Missing ‘Silicon Valley’? Try AMC’s Raucous Brit-Com ‘Loaded’

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Hal Shinnie/CH4/AMC
Nick Helm, Samuel Anderson and Jonny Sweet

AMC’s import Loaded is the U.K.’s answer to Silicon Valley, following four lifelong friends who recently sold their popular game app for $300 million. But money doesn’t exactly buy happiness—or competence—and for these seemingly lucky guys (including Nick Helm, Samuel Anderson and Jonny Sweet, above) success isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Along with the Ferraris and champagne baths, there are lawsuits, plus butting heads with their nightmare American investor, Casey (In Plain Sight‘s Mary McCormack).

“Basically, I’m interested in misery,” creator and executive producer Jon Brown jokes. “I wanted to find four characters that reflected different experiences of having sudden wealth. But the crucial thing is that no one gets to enjoy it without paying some kind of price. They each have to suffer, because otherwise it wouldn’t be funny.”

Loaded, Series Premiere, Monday, July 17, 10/9c, AMC