Jamie vs Jaime: Who’d Win in a Battle Between Outlander’s Scot and Game of Thrones’ Kingslayer?

Jamie vs Jamie
From left: Ed Miller/Starz; HBO
Jamie vs Jamie

Television currently has an overabundance of Jamies. On HBO’s Game of Thrones, we have a blondish warrior without peer named Jaime; on Starz’s Outlander, we have a reddish warrior without peer named Jamie. TV Insider has decided there need only be one, so we’ve set them against each other in a battle to the name-death—the loser has to start calling himself “Toilet Goblin.”

The Combatants

Jamie Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser: Perhaps Mr. Fraser’s greatest strength is his ability to use a sword with either hand, an invaluable skill that’s served him well in several skirmishes. Or maybe it’s the guy’s ability to take a beating—witness the shrieking nightmare of a flogging he endured from Black Jack Randall, or the nasty blows he suffered during a game of shinty. Either way, this is a pretty lethal dude, no matter which weapon he’s wielding.

Jaime “The Kingslayer” Lannister: Jaime was named to the Kingsguard—the elite, seven-man force guarding the king—at the age of 16. (There were some political motivations to this appointment, sure, but the king at the time was also quite paranoid and had Jaime serving as his personal bodyguard.) He killed 10 Northmen before finally being captured by Robb Stark’s forces, and then, in shackles, after being held prisoner for months and marching halfway across the continent, he managed to barely lose a swordfight with Brienne of Tarth, arguably one of the best fighters in the Seven Kingdoms. He also deserves some credit for not dying after having his sword-hand cut off.

The Fight

We’ll run two scenarios, given that there’s a difference between Jaime Lannister with two hands and Jaime Lannister with one hand. Guns were around in Jamie’s time, but Westeros is a little behind the curve, so we’ll stick to pre-ballistics weaponry—swords and knives—and stipulate that no one in this battle is wearing armor.

Two-handed Jaime’s got style in spades, and the strength and instincts to match. Jamie’s a brawler, though, and they tend to be more adaptable, using anything they can lay hands on to survive. If the Scot gets his hands on a couple knives, Jaime might be in more trouble than he thinks.

Post-maiming Jaime, on the other hand (sorry), has received his training from Bronn, whose style comes from the “It ain’t pretty, but you’re dead, so who cares?” course at the School of Hard Knocks, and as we’ll see in the next episode of Game of Thrones, he’s learned to turn his missing limb into more of an asset than a liability.

The Victor

Neither Lannister nor Fraser would live through such a battle—Jaime, regardless of the number of hands he currently has, is too proud to be beaten by some Northerner scum, and Jamie has an almost inhuman drive to survive, meaning a probably sword through the throat for both. Guess that leaves Broad City’s Jaime as the real winner.