Will Kelsey Hook Up With Josh? Hilary Duff Previews ‘Younger’ Season 4

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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…by her BFF! When TV Land’s Younger returns June 28 for Season 4, on-the-rise book editor Kelsey Peters (Hilary Duff) is reeling from the news that her good pal and coworker Liza Miller (Sutton Foster) isn’t the twentysomething she claims to be. She’s actually 40! Duff gave us the scoop.

Kelsey is furious and feeling betrayed by Liza’s deceit. Can their friendship be salvaged?

Our brilliant writers are not letting Liza off the hook. You’re going to see a whole new side of Kelsey where she gets mean and wants revenge. We play this show for comedy but, hey, if your best friend in real life told you this kind of lie, you’d be scared. You’d think you were dealing with a complete psychopath!

Can’t Kelsey see that it was ageism and sexism that led Liza to fib her way into the corporate world?

She just doesn’t care, not until a bit into the season when Liza has a scare involving her daughter. Only then does Kelsey begin to understand the pressure Liza deals with. But, at first, she can’t relate to the reasons why Liza did what she did. She doesn’t want to relate.

Maybe because Kelsey is a little bit ageist herself?

You definitely see that in her work relationship with Diana [Miriam Shor]. Kelsey thinks Diana is super old-school and she’s frustrated that Empirical Press is stuck in the old way of doing things. And Diana thinks Kelsey is ridiculous and reckless and impulsive.

Kelsey and Liza’s youth imprint, Millennial, could implode if word gets out that one of its founders shaved 14 years off her age. Will this force Kelsey to take part in Liza’s charade?

It would be a devastating scandal for the company, and Kelsey is not about to let that happen. Millennial is her dream and she’s going to protect it—no matter what. Yeah, going along with this lie might only make the problem worse but Kelsey isn’t thinking that far ahead. She is all about now.

The Season 4 trailer shows Kelsey getting a little chummy with Liza’s ex-lover Josh (Nico Tortorella). Will things turn romantic? And, if so, is this the real deal or just two bitter peeps on the rebound?

Josh and Kelsey will find comfort in their mutual hurt and anger over Liza. They’ve never really had a chance to know one another, so we’re definitely going to tease that. We want you to wonder just how far things will go. Kelsey was always protecting Liza so she was very hard on Josh. But it’s a new day.

Kelsey has the worst taste in men. What’s up with that?

She keeps falling for the same kind of guy. [Laughs] And they all look alike! It’s difficult to have it all. Kelsey cares so much about her career that she’s just not crushing it in the relationship game. But it doesn’t help that she makes mistake after mistake—which Josh will point out to her this season. It’s interesting that she has such confidence on the job but keeps getting involved with guys who don’t treat her with respect. Unfortunately, that’s very realistic in this day and age.

It’s so refreshing to have a series about people who love books. In fact, it’s downright radical.

I love that our characters are so romantic and passionate about publishing. I love their hunger to find that next great author. The hunt is so much fun, although every once in a while they go after something just because they know it will sell—like that dopey labradoodle book that was such a big hit for them. Stupid stuff sticks! One of the best things about shooting Younger in New York City is that people come up and say, “Thank you! I work in publishing and I love seeing a show set in my world. And it’s so realistic! Our conference meetings are just like yours—minus all the Gucci and Prada.” And it’s true. [Laughs] Kelsey can’t seem to afford an apartment, but she dresses better than anyone in Manhattan!

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