Whats Worth Watching: The Odyssey Reaches Its Destination

American Odyssey - Season 1
Keith Bernstein/NBC
AMERICAN ODYSSEY -- Episode 113 -- Pictured: Anna Friel as Odelle Ballard -- (Photo by: Keith Bernstein/NBC)

American Odyssey, “Real World” (Sunday, June 28, 10/9c)

There’s a lot of dragons left to slay as the divergent strands of this conspiracy thriller interweave in American Odyssey’s season finale. All three whistle blowers share devastating losses in their attempts to expose the U.S.-based military-industrial conglomerate Societal Mining responsible for death and destruction around the world.

The murder of his father and the suicide-by-cop of his lover Ruby has left activist Harrison Walters (Jake Robinson) physically and emotionally wounded and even more determined to bring down the mercenary group Osela. The wife of Attorney Peter (Peter Facinelli) has asked for a divorce due to his obsession with toppling Osela’s boss, Societal Mining. They might be on the winning side now, however, because there’s finally proof on social media that the presumed dead Sgt. Odelle Ballard (a teriffic Anna Friel) is alive. The indomitable soldier has survived numerous attacks on her life in North Africa orchestrated by Societal and if she makes it to Barcelona and safety and tells her story to the press, all’s well that ends well. How much blood will be shed in the victory lap is yet to be determined.