Whats Worth Watching: An Arctic Adventure

Discovery Channel
Mega Bergs

Mega Berg (Saturday, June 27, Discovery)

On occasion, Discovery returns to its classic roots as a destination for true nature “discovery.” Case in point: a special that may sound like a cheesy Syfy movie (Megaberg vs. Apocaly-Lanche!) but is actually a serious exploration into the science of icebergs. A co-production with the BBC, Mega Berg sends a team of experts and adventurers to the Arctic to investigate the forces behind the creation of mega bergs, defined in Discovery press material as “a colossal block of ice that bursts forth from a glacier to form an enormous iceberg, with some reaching half the size of Manhattan and weighing multimillion tons.”

Impressed? During the 90-minute program, viewers will be eyewitness to the creation of an iceberg, as a mammoth block of ice separates from Greenland’s Store Glacier. On another iceberg off the Canadian coast, the team’s exploration is interrupted when the surface begins to break up, leading to its inevitable collapse, another of nature’s great mysteries. Think of this as a perfect way to beat the summer heat, and learn something in the process.