What's Worth Watching: Cars Are for Closers

Aubry D'Arminio
Giovanni Rufino/Bravo

Million Dollar Listing New York

Million Dollar Listing, "New Wheels, New Deals" (Wednesday, April 15, 10/9c, Bravo)

Million Dollar Listing New York may be the only Bravo reality show on which every person is at least likeable. (Likeable, not loveable. We're not insane.) The reason for that might be because the producers make sure to show that brokers Fredrik, Ryan, and Luis are great at their jobs. Tonight, Ryan miraculously sells a "luxury basement apartment" at a "third floor with Central Park view" price. Fredrik deals with two rude, demanding contractors without giving either of them one of his famous high kicks in the face. And Luis finds a temporary high-style abode for a client in only a few hours. So, you can't really begrudge these guys when, like Luis, they go and buy a spanking bright Maserati—even if it just adds to the smog, traffic, and lack of parking in Manhattan. Why can't he just get around New York like god intended—in a chauffeured Lincoln Town Car?