iZombie Premieres at SXSW


The CW’s loveable new zombie dramedy (zombedy?) iZombie, premiering Tuesday night at 9/8c, made its debut Monday at Austin’s South by Southwest festival. Following a screening of the pilot, based on the Vertigo comic-book series about a young doctor (Once Upon a Time‘s Tinkerbell, Rose McIver) who becomes a crime-fighting, living-dead medical examiner after surviving an zombie attack at party, series co-creators Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero (of Veronica Mars), and cast members McIver, Robert Buckley (One Tree Hill), David Anders (The Vampire Diaries), Macolm Goodwin (Breakout Kings), and Rahul Kohli (EastEnders) discussed what was coming up on the show, as well as the new approach to zombies being presented to audiences.

“We’re so excited for people to see it now,” says McIver, adding that “it’s nice not to have to split our focus trying to get the show off the ground” since filming on Season 1 wrapped months ago. As for potential zombie fatigue amongst viewers, what with The Walking Dead, Z Nation, The Returned and In the Flesh already tackling the brain-eating community, McIver is as charmingly cheeky as her character, Liv Moore. “Each time the zombie genre is explored differently and reimagined, it breathes a whole new undead life into it!”