2 Bachelorettes to Vie for 25 guys

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2 Bachelorettes to vie for 25 guys
Chris Harrison shocked The Bachelor finale studio audience when he announced there will be two Bachelorettes vying for 25 men next season. “We actually decided not to decide: For the first time in Bachelorette history, we’re gonna have two bachelorettes,” Harrison explained. “The 25 men on Night 1 are going to have the ultimate say about who they think would make the best wife.” This, however, isn’t a first for The Bachelor franchise. Two Bachelors kicked off Season 6 — Jay Overbye and Byron Velvick competed for The Bachelor role on the fall 2004 season premiere.

Contestants on French reality show Dropped were killed in collision of 2 helicopters
Eight cast members, including an Olympic gold medalist swimmer and an Olympic boxer, and two pilots died as helicopters attempted to drop contestants into rugged mountains in Argentina.

Watch the trailer for PlayStation’s Powers
The first scripted TV series from Sony’s PlayStation Network, based on the graphic novel created by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming, debuts tonight at midnight.

Sam Simon created the three-dimensional world of The Simpsons
Matt Groening created “the template for the show,” says The Simpsons: An Uncensored, Unauthorized History author Wallace Wolodarsky of the late Simpsons co-creator. Simon, he adds, “was able to take that template and make it into an even bigger world and really fleshed it out with characters. He brought a broader perspective to it. He made it bigger than just the family. What’s such an important part of The Simpsons is the world it exists in.”

Maggie Grace leaves CBS medical drama pilot Code Black
The Lost alum is exiting for “creative reasons.”

Could Kate McKinnon’s “psycho-Hillary” SNL impression hurt Hillary Clinton?
McKinnon’s impression was so brutal that it’s being compared to Tina Fey’s impression of Sarah Palin.

Fox announces summer premiere dates
M. Night Shyamalan’s Wayward Pines, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?, So You Think You Can Dance and MasterChef today all received summer debut dates.

Why Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is the new Bewitched
In fact, the Netflix series has a lot of similarities to the gimmick sitcoms of the 1960s. PLUS: 30 Rock predicted Kimmy, what “Kimmy” gets right about growing up in a cult, Kimmy gives us a rare Asian romantic hero, and Kimmy is subverting the gay best friend stereotype.

Instagram to host a 15-second @midnight interactive spinoff series
Plot Twistagram is a comedy based on Instagram comments.

Why Looking deserves to be renewed
The ratings-challenged HBO series does something rare for TV by actually showing a group of gay men together.

With a big reveal, Girls demonstrated how much it has matured
This twist felt more developed like it had been building up slowly, unlike early twists that were more scattershot. PLUS: Lena Dunham and exec producer Jenni Konner act out every sex scene for a photo to send to the actors, and Dunham explains her Scandal wig.

Fox’s Luther pilot delayed
The remake of the British series starring Idris Elba is being pushed back after having trouble casting its lead.

Nielsen: Twitter can be used to determine how engaged viewers are with TV shows
As one Nielsen researcher put it, “As the audiences are getting more engaged with the segment, the Twitter activity is getting more intense.”

Delroy Lindo joins Don Johnson on ABC drama pilot Boom
He’ll play a sheriff in the drama pilot about an oil boom. PLUS: Steven Weber cast on CBS’ Joe Time.

Is Funny or Die the new MTV?
The comedy website has become a new place for artists to debut their music videos, especially with a viral emphasis.

SNL‘s unmade Hans and Franz movie musical helped inspire Aaron Rodgers’ State Farm ads
Robert Smigel recalls the script he wrote with Dana Carvey, Kevin Nealon and Conan O’Brien.

For Bates Motel producers, Psycho is almost mythological
“It’s like Odysseus,” says co-showrunner Kerry Ehrin. “It’s like a mythological character where that’s something we’re writing about, but it’s such a specific interpretation of that story and this character. This story feels very real to us to the point where when we do put an homage in, we often take it out because it breaks the reality of the world we created. If it feels too heavy handed then it pulls you out of the actual fantasy world.” PLUS: Season 3 is creepier and more wide-ranging.

AMC posts The Walking Dead recipe for Carol’s cookies
Applesauce will help you make the life-saving cookies.

Check out Mark Hamill on The Flash
The Star Wars vet plays villain The Trickster.

A&E’s The Returned is great — if you haven’t seen the French original
Carlton Cuse’s faithful remake of Les Revenants, says Pilot Viruet, is “thoroughly captivating, creepy, and unsettling (in a good way!) drama — and, at least, much better than NBC’s similar show, Resurrection.” PLUS: The Returned is a lifeless retread, it demonstrates consistent respect for the original, it has a lot of great ideas that don’t seem to connect, and Cuse promises The Returned will become its own thing like The Office.

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