What’s Worth Watching: Workaholic’s Trivial Matters

Adam Newacheck/Comedy Central

Workaholics, “Trivial Pursuits” (Wednesday, March 18, 10/9c, Comedy Central)

Think you know 1980s pop culture? Try to catch all the references stuffed into this Workaholics episode, in which Adam (Adam DeVine) and Blake (Blake Anderson) try to con a trio of ’80s movie nerds by inviting them to a pay-to-play trivia party at their house—with the promise of a life-size Predator statue as a prize.

The scam: The statue doesn’t exist, and the boys assume film buff Anders (Anders Holm) will win for them anyway. (Okay, it’s not their best scheme.) Then Anders refuses to take part, leaving them to rely on their own mixed up movie memories. B—ches, leave!