What's Worth Watching: Friday the 13th-Jason Takes a Marathon

Damian Holbrook
Courtesy of Everett Collection

Firday the 13th

Friday the 13th All Day Movie Marathon (Friday, 3/13, 7am/6c, EPIX)

Black cats, broken mirrors, ladders: You ain't got nothing on the unlucky like Jason Voorhees and his crazy mother do. (She, by the way, should be remembered always as the one who really set the ball—and heads—rolling.) Learn from Drew Barrymore's mistake in the opening of Scream, OK? The bad omens and superstitions that go with this infamous date pale in comparison to the carnage that has been cinematically served up in this horror franchise that is as unkillable as its hockey-masked leading man. So why not curl up with this day-long run of six of the 12 F13 flicks, which kicks off with Jason Lives and covers the great (1980's original), the good-ish (Part III, which was better in 3-D), and the goofy (yes, Jason Takes Manhattan). And if the blood and guts get to be too much, make a game out of spotting such future stars as Kevin Bacon, Crispin Glover, and Corey Feldman, as they meet their machete-wielding maker. That should help throw some giggles in with the gasps.