‘The Simpsons’ Has Some Thoughts on Trump’s First 100 Days (VIDEO)

The Simpsons Trump First 100 Days
Screengrab: Fox

President Donald Trump will mark his first 100 days in the Oval Office on Saturday, April 29. What a president has accomplished during the first 100 days in office has historically become a symbolic indication of that leader’s priorities and ability to get things done. On the campaign trail, even then-candidate Trump himself made a variety of promises that he said he would fulfill within his first 100 days—and some even on the very first day—should he be elected.

Well, he has been elected, and even with the new president now backing off some of those original assurances and recently dismissing the 100-day marker as a “ridiculous standard“, those who have been paying attention to Trump’s first 100 days are less-than-impressed with what he has (or hasn’t) achieved so far.

Clearly among those critics are the producers of The Simpsons, who have released a short animation clip titled “Donald Trump’s First 100 Days in Office” that takes brutal aim at Trump’s administration. The video depicts a Simpsons-ized version of Trump reflecting on his early days in office.

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This isn’t the first time Trump has been tweaked by The Simpsons in either a visual appearance or in a reference, the most notable of which came in the 2000 episode “Bart to the Future,” which takes place in the year 2030 and makes a negative reference to a disastrous former presidency of Trump (which probably seemed laughably unlikely at the time.)

The video leads in with thunder and lightning cracking ominously over a spooky-looking White House—recalling how The Simpsons has generally depicted Republican Party Headquarters in past episodes—and the even more shocking sight of overwhelmed White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer having just hanged himself, but not before pinning an “I Quit” note to his suit. (White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, upon seeing Spicer, only has this to say: “I am not replacing him.”) The ghoulish intro recalls some of The Simpsons‘ darker “Treehouse of Horror” episodes.

From there we see Trump in bed, surrounded by fictional books with titles like The Little Book of Big Bombs and Florida on $10 Million Dollars a Day, as he is, of course, tweeting on his phone (so it must be about 3am or so).

Among the accomplishments the Simpsons’ version of Trump is most proud of? Raising his Twitter following, lowering his golf handicap and allowing people to now shoot hibernating bears (“my boys will love that,” he says gleefully).

The video goes on to posit other wild scenarios like Trump’s daughter Ivanka replacing Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court, before we cut to Marge and Homer watching the news with horror, and Marge downing the last of her Prozac. “This was supposed to last me the whole four years!” she exclaims, before Homer tries to calm her down by telling her to give the president more time; after all, “he’s only 70 years old.”

Ultimately, the video does point out one positive (relatively speaking) amid the nightmare situation depicted, as a voiceover guy excitedly intones: “100 days: We are 6.8 percent of the way home!”

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