What's Worth Watching: Another Crazy Week on Shameless

Rob Moynihan
Chuck Hodes/Showtime


Shameless, "Uncle Carl" (Sunday, March 8, 9/8c, Showtime)

The Gallagher family never fails to find trouble. But Shameless' fifth season has been one of the most emotionally taxing as the South Side Chicago family come to terms with brother Ian's (Cameron Monaghan) bipolar diagnosis. In this week's episode, Ian is released from his 72-hour stay at the psych ward, and boyfriend Mickey (Noel Fisher) struggles with their new reality. Emmy Rossum continues to shine as Fiona, who attempts to repair her broken marriage after a fling with her ex, Jimmy (Justin Chatwin). But it's young Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) who faces real trouble after a promotion at his drug-dealing gig leads to bust by the police and a possibility of real jail time. Good thing the Gallagher family ties have always been strong.