What's Worth Watching: Sleepy Hollow Could Use a Flux Capacitor

Oriana Schwindt
Sleepy Hollow
Brownie Harris/FOX

Sleepy Hollow

Sleepy Hollow, "Tempus Fugit" (Monday, Feb. 23, 9/8c, Fox)

There have been some creative missteps on this season of Sleepy, but last week's penultimate episode went a long way toward correcting those mistakes, mostly by making Katrina (Katia Winter) evil and keeping Hawley off-screen. Now that Katrina's spell to take herself back to her proper time has worked and dragged Abbie (Nicole Beharie) along with her, we have to wonder exactly how the writers are going to get out of the corner into which they've painted themselves. Henry's dead, Ichabod is totally bewildered in the present, and 1781 was not exactly a friendly time for African Americans—indeed, Abbie ended up behind Colonial bars at the end of last episode for not having "papers" (yikes).