What's Worth Watching: Banshee

Ileane Rudolph
Gregory Shummon/Cinemax


Banshee, "We Were All Someone Else Yesterday" (Friday, Feb. 13, 10/9c, Cinemax)

In last week's all-out assault on the police station, evil Redbone gang leader Chayton (Geno Segers) snapped the neck of town sheriff Lucas Hood's love Siobhan (Trieste Kelly Dunn) in front of him. How much does the shattered sheriff want to slice up Chayton as a result? It's all that keeps him going. Not that Lucas's crew has forgotten the big military base heist he's been organizing. Banshee crime boss Kai Proctor (Ulrich Thomsen) does his own mourning as his mother lies close to death. While he gets closer to her nurse Emily (Tanya Clarke), his ever-loving niece Rebecca (Lili Simmons) runs his business interests with a heavy hand. And once again, Lucas's rebellious daughter Deva (Ryann Shane) makes some bad choices. "Plus ça change...