Kyle Bornheimer Reports Back to ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ as Amy’s Ex

Kyle Bornheimer
Kyle Bornheimer

Call him the hardest-working guest star in Hollywood. Since 2016, Kyle Bornheimer has popped up on Casual, Westworld, The Mindy Project, Better Call Saul, Comedy Bang! Bang! and American Housewife, in addition to starring on CBS’s short-lived Angel from Hell. Now, he’s set to badge-up once again as Det. Teddy Wells on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Last seen in 2014 getting his heart broken by Amy (Melissa Fumero), the pilsner-brewing nice guy will be a tad scruffier than his Season 2 self—apparently, time with Santiago and the Nine-Nine crowd took its toll—when he resurfaces in the show’s spring return. Now an NYPD auditor, Teddy is in charge of evaluating the city’s finest and helping decide which precinct should be shut down. It would be a real crime if Amy’s current romance with Jake (Andy Samberg) leads to the Nine-Nine getting 86’d, huh?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns Tues. April 11, 8/7c, Fox