Is 'American Housewife' Saying Bye Bye to Westport?

Jim Halterman
Exclusive ABC/Michael Ansell

(l-r) Daniel DiMaggio, Katy Mixon, Meg Donnelly, Diedrich Bader and Julia Butters.

Katie Otto (Katy Mixon) has been complaining about life in Westport since American Housewife began last fall on ABC. Whether it's the toxic mothers her the neighborhood or the kale smoothies they consume non-stop, she's always kept it together knowing her kids were getting a great education.

That's why Katie may be thrilled when their rental home is put up for sale by the son of the house's owner and the Ottos may have to move out of the affluent neighborhood. That said, Katie's husband Greg (Diedrich Bader) and kids Taylor (Meg Donnelly), Oliver (Daniel DiMaggio) and Anna-Kat (Julia Butters) have actually enjoyed their time there (yes, the episode  flash back to when the family first moved in) and want to appeal to the house's owner to let them keep living there.

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In this exclusive clip from the episode, we'll see there's only one problem in finding the owner (played by guest star Jenny O'Hara)—her son won't give them her contact information. Can the family track her down before it's too late?

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