5 Reasons to Love WWE ‘SmackDown Live’ Women’s Champ Alexa Bliss

Alexa Bliss
Screengrab: SmackDown/USA Network
"It’s definitely not what I expected, with cameras 24/7, but it has been really cool," Alexa Bliss says of joining Total Divas

From the moment she showed up on SmackDown Live, Alexa Bliss has made the most of her time to shine on the big stage. In a matter of months she has become a reliable source of entertainment every Tuesday night. She has already secured two reigns as the WWE women’s champion and even made history with Becky Lynch by headlining an event inside of a steel cage.

The 25-year-old’s transformation from sparkly Disney-like princess to villainous vixen over the years has been fun to watch. So, if you’re not on the Bliss bandwagon, it’s about time you come aboard.

If you need reasons to fall in love with this driven dynamo, here are five:

Her Story: This five-feet of fury may be small in stature, but she more than makes up for it in intensity. Bliss brings a level of aggression to her matches that almost makes you forget she isn’t the biggest, yet brings the biggest bite. She is an underdog that comes off not really as an underdog, if that makes any sense. Another reason to cheer on this emerging superstar is the fact that she has overcome an eating disorder that nearly took her life. Bliss told this story of triumph during a recent appearance on ESPN SportsCenter and a new WWE digital segment titled My Son/Daughter is a WWE Superstar. There are many out there who deal with body image insecurities and eating disorders. So here is someone who went through her own struggles and came out the other end a success. Bliss is certainly setting a positive example where her experience can inspire others.

Her Wrestling Ability: Bliss has risen to the occasion on SmackDown, having a number of memorable matches already with the likes of Lynch and Naomi. She brings an exciting style of high-flying moves, and at times, complemented by a little ground-and-pound. Bliss signed with NXT, WWE’s developmental program, with relatively no wrestling experience. However, her transition was eased no doubt by an athletic background that includes competitive cheerleading, bodybuilding and gymnastics. This has helped put Bliss in a category all her own.

Her Look: When looking at the most successful pro wrestlers, they have been ones who have evolved their presentation. Bliss isn’t afraid to do just that at various times in her career already. It started with her introduction to the WWE Universe as something right out of Frozen, which I’m sure wasn’t a big jump for her considering she is a big Disney fan. That look changed in a heelish alliance with Buddy Murphy and Wesley Blake in NXT. Now, on SmackDown Live, her go-to colors of black, bright blue and pink pop onscreen. When she turned to a pigtail hairstyle, Bliss drew comparisons to Harley Quinn. During the Halloween season, Bliss stood out dressed in the spirit of Freddy Krueger right out of Nightmare on Elm Street. Fans never know what the personality will pull out next, and that’s a good spot to be in.

Her Facial Reactions: Whether it’s disgust or anger, Bliss can say so much in one camera close-up of those big blue eyes. Her expressions have no doubt won over fans. For proof, look no further than social media when #RestingBlissFace was a popular hashtag. Then, when you add in her over-the-top mannerisms, it just makes it even better. There is nothing quite like a Bliss temper tantrum or when an opponent is trying to throw some shade.

Her Microphone Skills: Bliss is proving to be the complete package, as she is solid in the ring and can more than hold her own verbally. She knows how to push an adversary’s buttons, agitating a crowd at the same time. However, she is so damn good that it’s often hard not to applaud the bad girl. I think viewers have really gotten to see how great Bliss is on the mic during her appearances on the SmackDown Live post-event show Talking Smack. She pulls off “arrogant champion” to perfection.

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