First Look: Michael Jackson’s Daughter Paris Becomes a ‘Star’

Paris Jackson, first look, FOX, STAR

Paris Jackson, Star, first look
She wants to be startin’ somethin’! Paris Jackson, daughter of the late megastar Michael Jackson, makes her acting debut in the March 8 episode of Fox’s musical drama Star. Her role: social-media guru Rachel Wells, hired to turn the show’s quartet of young singers—Star (Jude Demorest), Simone (Brittany O’Grady), Alexandra (Ryan Destiny) and Eva (Sharlene Taule)—into internet sensations.

During a publicity shoot, “Rachel grabs the camera and takes matters into her own hands,” says Jackson. “She’s bossy and confident and sort of a control freak.” Lead singer Star is the boldest of the group, but that’s not enough for the media hotshot. Says Jackson: “Rachel forces Star out of her comfort zone, and that’ll put her in an uncomfortable position with her bandmates.”