‘American Housewife’ Turns 100! Watch This Sneak Peak of a Very Special Episode (VIDEO)

It’s not every day a series makes it to the 100 episode mark, but that momentous occasion belongs to ABC’s domestic sitcom, American Housewife. Starring Katy Mixon as vibrant Westport, Connecticut, housewife Katie Otto, the series initially lay on the premise of the non-highbrow Ottos being new to the neighborhood and Katie in particular clashing with the snooty Westport housewives.

But, as we land on the show’s 100th episode, Katie and family are much better acclimated to Westport and, in the February 24th episode, they look back on their adventures since the series premiered in 2016.

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However, nothing ever goes smoothly for Katie, and when she agrees to be on the 100th episode of the “Getting Frank with Franklin” podcast — the podcast of Anna-Kat’s (Giselle Eisenberg) friend Franklin (Evan O’Toole) — she thinks she can keep it upbeat and light. Not so fast. Her mother, Kathryn (Wendie Malick) horns her way onto the podcast and, well, things go the opposite of smooth.

Check out the exclusive clip above where the idea for Franklin’s podcast celebrating its 100th episode by focusing on the Ottos is born.

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