What’s Worth Watching: A Devastating Death on Mom

Mom Season 2
Trae Patton/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Mom Season 2

Mom, “Three Smiles and an Unpainted Ceiling,” (Thursday, Jan. 22, 8:30/7:30c, CBS)

Emmy-winner Allison Janney makes a strong case for a repeat win with her shattering performance tonight. This bold episode reinforces Mom‘s reputation for pulling no punches in its darkly comic, often raunchy and raucous depiction of recovering addicts Bonnie (Janney) and her single-mom daughter Christy (Anna Faris). No easy happy endings for this family, as an unexpected and unimaginable tragedy sends them into a tailspin of grief — though, as always, laced with bitter, barbed laughter.

It’s no joke, however, when mother and daughter consider drowning their sorrows side by side at a bar. Even when it goes to very bleak places (in this case, a funeral), Mom fearlessly finds humor with unflinching and authentically funny results. You can’t help but root for these characters, and this week, you might be tempted to give them a hug.