‘Barry’ Stars Pick Best & Worst Things Their Characters Have Ever Done (VIDEO)

With the end of Barry comes goodbyes to some very complicated, messy, messed-up characters — which is why we love them! And that’s also why TV Insider, when chatting with the cast ahead of the Season 4 premiere, took the opportunity to get their takes on those they spent years playing.

“The fact that we get to change almost completely as a character from the start of this series to the end, the last four shows of the series, what a blessing for a character actor to be able to use those tools to do that,” Stephen Root shared.

So to that end, what advice would the characters in Season 4 give themselves back in Season 1? “‘Don’t take an acting class,'” Bill Hader said with a laugh. “‘Turn yourself in.’ I don’t know. He would have to be more self-aware, actually, to say that.”

Robert Wisdom and Sarah Goldberg’s answers were simple: “Damn” and “run,” respectively.

That’s apt, considering some of what’s happened over four seasons. Speaking of, what do the stars consider the best and worst things these characters have done?

While it’s hard for Hader to choose the best, there are plenty of options with Barry for the worst. “Just everything he’s doing in Episode 5 of Season 4 is pretty awful,” he landed on. And for Henry Winkler, the worst thing Gene’s ever done is tied to his former acting student: that he “never could redeem Barry.”

Anthony Carrigan’s pick for the best thing Noho Hank has done is sweet: “choosing to be with Cristobal [Michael Irby], match made in heaven. Those two are just peas in a pod.” (Let’s just not think about how things went for Cristobal this season.)

Watch the full video above for more about their characters from Hader, Winkler, Root, Carrigan, Goldberg, and Wisdom.

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