‘American Idol’ Top 5 Revealed: Did Voters Get it Right? (RECAP)

American Idol Top 8 find out their fate
ABC/Eric McCandless

[Warning: The below contains spoilers for American Idol.]

Multi-time Grammy Award winners Alanis Morissette and Ed Sheeran joined Luke Bryan as guest judges on Sunday’s (May 7) American Idol as the Top 8 were whittled down to the Top 5.

Regular judges Katy Perry and Lionel Richie were over in the U.K. performing at the coronation concert for King Charles III. Early in Sunday’s episode, we checked in with Perry and Richie from Windsor Castle, which featured a surprise appearance from King Charles and Queen Camilla.

Back in the studio, the Top 8 took to the stage to impress the judges and the voting audience, all in the hopes of hearing host Ryan Seacrest call their name at the end of the episode. The group performed solo renditions of some of Morisette’s most memorable songs and also teamed up for duets of Sheeran’s hits.

In between the competition, Sheeran performed his new single “Eyes Closed.” Morissette also sang her 1998 hit “Thank U.”

Who made it to the Top 5? Keep reading to find out below…

Zachariah Smith

Smith sang Morissette’s classic “Ironic,” giving a more subdued performance than his usual energetic antics. Sheeran said he was captivated by Smith’s “powerful” voice.

Colin Stough

Stough performed Morissette’s “Hand in My Pocket” for his solo, turning it into a country remix. “If nasty is this, then I love nasty,” Morissette said of the performance.

Wé Ani & Warren Peay

Ani and Peay teamed up for a duet of Sheeran’s “Perfect,” showing off their massive range. Peay also performed Morissette’s “All I Really Want” earlier in the evening.

Zachariah Smith & Haven Madison

Smith returned to the stage for his duet with Haven Madison, where they sang “Thinking Out Loud,” with Sheeran telling them they perform it better than he does. For her solo, Madison performed Morissette’s “You Learn.”

Megan Danielle

Danielle sang Morissette’s “Head Over Feet” as a tribute to her boyfriend. Morissette had high praise for the performance, saying Danielle expressed it “authentically.”

Iam Tongi

Tongi sang an emotional rendition of Morissette’s lesser-known song “Guardian,” almost bringing the judges to tears.

Wé Ani

Ani returned for her solo performance, singing Morissette’s “Uninvited.” The singer gave an unfiltered performance which Morissette called “chilling.”

Megan Danielle & Colin Stough

Danielle and Stough gave a country duet of Sheeran’s “Dive,” receiving high praise from the judges for “making joyful noise.”

Iam Tongi & Oliver Steele

Tongi and Steele, who previously paired up in Hollywood Week, were back together for an understated performance of Sheeran’s “Photograph,” which Bryan called a “great arrangement.” Steele also sang Morissette’s “You Oughtta Know” to close out the night.

After the voting window closed, Seacrest took to the stage to announce the five contestants moving on to Disney Night next week. Those five were Zachariah Smith, Megan Danielle, Iam Tongi, Wé Ani, and Colin Stough.

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