‘Married at First Sight’ First Look: Is Jasmine Sending Airris to the Dog House? (VIDEO)

Married at First Sight Season 16 is in full swing and now that every couple has officially said “I do,” it’s time for the paired matches to get to know one another which is the case for Airris and Jasmine in this exclusive sneak peek clip.

Following their ceremony, the pair take a seat to sip on some champagne and share details with one another about their lives. The conversation kicks off with a strong start as Jasmine reveals in a confessional clip, “When I first saw my husband, I was like, ‘okay, he cute, he cute. He’s easy on the eyes. He’s a little shorter than me, but I got on heels. So we’re probably the same height.'”

Airris and Jasmine from 'Married at First Sight' Season 16

(Credit: Lifetime)

Along with noting she likes his clean-cut look and beard, Jasmine declares, “I am very impressed with my husband.” As the scene returns to the pair’s conversation, she asks how old Airris is. When he tells her he’s 39, Jasmine can’t hide her surprise, “you don’t look it,” she tells him.

Airris is pleased to learn that she is 32 and listens as she shares details about her childhood, mainly how many siblings she has. When she shifts the focus back to him, Jasmine is surprised to learn Airris is an only child and asks if he suffers from “only child syndrome.”

“I do,” he admits shyly. Even with this teensy hiccup in the conversation, all is going well until Airris learns that Jasmine has four dogs at home. “You have four dogs?” he asks shocked. That shock sticks with him during a confessional segment in which he says with a sigh, “Ahh, she’s got a bunch of dogs. I wasn’t expecting that.”

Will he be able to cope with this reality? Check out the full clip, above, and tune into Married at First Sight‘s newest episode when it airs on Lifetime to find out.

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