Kat Barrell Dream Casts Hallmark Christmas Movie With ‘Wynonna Earp’ Costars

Melanie Scrofano, Katherine Barrell, and Dominique Provost-Chalkley in 'Wynonna Earp'
Michelle Faye/©Syfy/courtesy Everett Collection

For four seasons, fans watched Melanie Scrofano, Tim Rozon, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, and Kat Barrell in the Syfy series Wynonna Earp — and it wasn’t nearly enough. So, when TV Insider spoke with Barrell about her latest Hallmark movie, A Tale of Two Christmases, we couldn’t help bringing up seeing the four together again.

After all, Barrell, Scrofano, and Rozon have all starred in Hallmark movies, so what about seeing everyone together in one of those? “I love all those guys so much. It’s such a fun thing to think about putting us all in a completely different world than Wynonna,” Barrell shared.

And if she could dream cast that movie? “I’m all for more queer storytelling. I would love to put Dom in a non-binary role on Hallmark. I think that would be absolutely incredible. I would love to tell a queer Christmas love story. I think I would love to put Dom in the center of the romance and then I’d love to see a dysfunctional family,” she said. “So I think it would be pretty cool to see Tim and Mel as almost like the quirky long lost uncle and aunt who show up and really mess up Dom’s romantic plans. I think that would be pretty fun.”

But what about the possibility of seeing the four in more Wynonna Earp, which was canceled in 2021. “We would all absolutely love to do it. It’s definitely not a question of the people, the creatives not wanting to get on board,” according to Barrell.

That being said, don’t get your hopes up too much. “I know nothing about it but there’s always hope,” she continued. “I’m always hopeful for it coming back in some form and I really hope it does happen one day because I know I would absolutely love to play the character of Nicole again. It would be a dream.”

Still, at least the series ended on a happy note for both couples: Nicole and Waverly (Provost-Chalkley) got married and Wynonna (Scrofano) and Doc (Rozon) reunited. “I was really happy with the way we left them off,” Barrell said.