’90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?’: Angela & Michael Make Up — But Will It Last? (RECAP)

Spoiler Alert

[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Season 7 Episode 10 “Just Give Me a Reason.”]

Lately, the couples on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? have been fairly divided, but some of the most seemingly troubled couples got it together in Episode 10 — for a little bit, at least. Here’s what went down this week.

Angela and Michael

It’s the morning after what looked like Angela and Michael’s final argument before Angela went home to America to file for divorce and pull his visa paperwork, and Angela and Michael are giggling in bed together, something we’ve never seen in the history of 90 Day-dom.

According to both parties, the “makeup sex” was awesome, but the post-coital bliss is fleeting and soon they’re fighting again. Michael came to her room last night and promised he would take his Instagram down, which allowed him a pass into her bed, but today, he’s going back on his word.

“If I don’t put my foot down, I’m never gonna have any say in this marriage,” he says in a solo interview.

Michael admits that he told Angela he’d get rid of Instagram so that she would be sweet to him, and she takes it as a straight-up lie. She can’t get a flight home today, Angela informs him, but he can pack his stuff and leave her room now.

Fed up with Michael, Angela has her friend René walk him out of the hotel.

Jovi and Yara


Yara’s mom is making the hard sell for her to stay in Prague for at least a few months, if not permanently, and she’s found some apartments she wants Yara to visit. Yara hasn’t told Jovi anything about this; she would like to stay for a while, and her friends and family will soon relocate there from Ukraine, but she knows Jovi doesn’t want to leave America.

She finally tells Jovi that she wants to look at a few apartments, and he doesn’t take it well. “If this was your intention, you should have brought it up to me sooner, not brought it up to me now,” he says, accusing her of not thinking straight amid the stress of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Yara tries to assure him that she didn’t intend to look at apartments, but she thinks it’s a good idea.

“What’s the place for our future?” he asks the cameras. “America, not Europe!” He storms off into the bathroom to take a shower, his room service glass of Champagne in tow.

Elizabeth and Andrei


Libby and Andrei have been very nervous and tense lately in the wake of Andrei’s possible deportation. They suspect one of her siblings may have said something suspicious to immigration officials.

But there’s some wonderful news now: They’re having a second baby! Libby hopes that it’s a boy so that they can have a “little Andrei” running around, a kid who is big and tall and “always hungry.”

The couple and their daughter Elinor go to a medical center called Meet The Baby for an ultrasound, and everything looks healthy and on track. They decide not to say anything to Libby’s siblings for now.

“I feel that we should concentrate on our family right now,” Andrei says.

“I can’t diminish my happiness because someone else has a problem,” Libby adds. “This baby coming is really exciting for us and I think it’s a matter of being focused on our family and that’s it.”

Jenny and Sumit


It’s Sumit’s first day back at work as a chef in his friend Rohit’s food delivery kitchen, which they shut down a few months into the pandemic, and he tells Jenny she should go to the Indian outdoor market to buy some staple ingredients to make curry. He wants her to spend time learning how to cook while he is working; her repertoire usually comes out of boxes.

Jenny goes to the market to buy potatoes, tomatoes and the like, and the experience is a bit harrowing for her. One seller freaks out when Jenny tries to buy under the minimum of certain ingredients and quotes her what Jenny thinks is an astronomical price for the groceries. Jenny goes to another seller, whom she overpays because she misunderstood the price he gave her.

At the delivery kitchen, Rohit, who thinks that Jenny wears the pants in the family, notes that hasn’t seen much of Sumit since he married her. He asks Sumit if he even remembers how to cook.

Sumit shares his idea to have a kid so that his parents will accept him again, something he still hasn’t shared with Jenny. Rohit advises him to clue Jenny into this shocking new plan.

Sumit brings dinner home to Jenny, who hasn’t cooked anything. He doesn’t tell Jenny about the kid idea.

Jenny is disappointed to hear that Sumit still plans to work seven days a week instead of five, which she knows will include a lot of time socializing and drinking. “If I work, then my social life will be better and when I’m at work, I think Jenny will get a lot of time to work on her basic duties for a housewife, because I can’t do everything,” Sumit says in a sit-down.

“You’re gonna have boys’ nights out, you’re gonna go visit your parents, so where does Jenny come in all of this?” she asks him.

Kimberly and Usman


Usman has set up a second meeting with his mom Fadimatu to talk to her about being with Kimberly. He wants his eldest brother Mohammed to accompany her, but she shows up with the second eldest Faruq, who was very antagonistic towards Kimberly in their first meeting.

Faruq softens dramatically when he learns that Kimberly served in the airborne division of the Army for nine years. The veteran in him connects with the vet in her, and he tells the cameras that he likes her a lot more now that she’s proving herself to him.

However, Fadimatu still wants him to get a young wife to produce her grandchildren, and that’s basically that. Usman can then be with Kimberly, which is still Kimberly’s deal breaker.

Fadimatu has arranged for a young woman who is a paternal cousin to meet Usman at her home and she wants him to come now. Usman tells Kimberly he should at least go meet her but that he won’t accept the young woman and his mom still wants her to be the second wife.

“I can’t,” Kimberly says. “I still want to be your first wife.”

Big Ed and Liz


It looked like curtains for Big Ed and Liz last week, but now she’s back on the rear of his scooter. They both decided to give their relationship a second chance, to rebuild their friendship and then see if they’re ready to get married. Big Ed calls it “survival mode.”

Big Ed finally admits that he doesn’t think that Liz likes women, but he’s not thrilled about the idea that she wants to increase her hours at work, where the lesbian co-worker who caused the dramatic fight at their engagement party is still a staffer.

They recognize that they could use some counseling, and have started to see a therapist. Liz admits that she once lived in her car when she was at financial rock bottom after a breakup, and she’s scared to ever get back to that point. Big Ed didn’t know about this and started to cry.

“I want Liz to have her own life and it saddens me that I’m coming off as controlling,” he says later.

The therapist helps Big Ed to understand that Liz will be stronger in their relationship when she has some degree of independence. “She needs to have a separate life so that she can love you fully,” the therapist says, and it looks like it’s sinking in for Big Ed.

That’s the latest dispatch from the 90 Day Universe — until next time!

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