‘The Mysterious Benedict Society’ Cast on Ghosts, New Characters & Tony Hale Dancing in Season 2 (VIDEO)

New characters, big special effects, and dancing — all things viewers can expect from the second season of Disney+’s magical ride, The Mysterious Benedict Society.

The cast — Emmy DeOliveira (Kate), Mystic Inscho (Reynie), Seth Carr (Sticky), and Marta Kessler (Constance) — joined TV Insider in our New York Comic Con studio earlier this month to talk about what they’re most excited about for the audience to see in the new episodes.

Tony Hale (Benedict and Curtain) and Kristin Schaal (Number Two) also were there to talk about things like the show’s soundtrack, which often leans heavily to ’70s and ’80s pop, like Jefferson Starship and Stevie Nicks. Hale also chatted about how he channels both his characters, who are brothers but are very, very different. “One of the big differences is Curtain — who’s kind of the bad brother but just misunderstood, I think — if he’s talking to somebody, he’s not really listening to them, he’s kind of talking at them. Whereas Benedict is engaged and really listening so that kind of helps me click in a little bit.”

As for the dancing, Hale has a number (to Nicks’ “Stand Back”) when we see Curtain for the first time, and it’s pretty fabulous. “We had a choreographer and everything,” he shared, grinning. “But I didn’t need one. Lot of natural moves.”

The cast also talked about how their characters deal with not having Mr. Benedict and Number Two around as much since early in Season 2, the pair are both kidnapped. Plus, filming on the legendary Queen Mary ship brought up some real-life spooky encounters.

Watch the video interview above for more details and more on the second season of the Disney+ hit.

The Mysterious Benedict Society, Season 2 Premiere (two episodes), Wednesday, October 26, Disney+