‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Sneak Peek: Lace Tries to Get Rodney Back After Date With Eliza (VIDEO)

There’s trouble in paradise for Lace and Rodney. Earlier this week, Lace returned to the beach in hopes of reconnecting with Rodney, but he was MIA upon her arrival. Lace’s fears became reality when she learned Rodney was on a date with Eliza. After a tense conversation with the other men, the episode ended with Rodney and Eliza seeing Lace the moment they got back from date night.

The next episode of Bachelor in Paradise will pick up right where this tense moment left off. Viewers can get a sneak peek into the private conversation between Lace and Rodney in the TV Insider exclusive clip, above. In it, Lace lays all her cards on the table in the hopes that Rodney wants her, too.

“I came here to tell you that I really do like you, and I came to get on the same page, because it’s either you or no one,” she tells him. “I’m not going to settle. I want to be here with you and pursue this.”

Rodney’s response is likely not what Lace wants to hear. “This is extremely tough,” he says. “I didn’t think I would have to make this decision tonight. I didn’t expect to have a connection with you. I didn’t expect any of that.”

Then we hear from Eliza, who’s hoping her relationship with Rodney doesn’t stop before it starts. The emotional moment will be seen in Tuesday’s episode (October 25).

The OG women of Bachelor In Paradise Season 8 are scrambling to salvage their relationships after host Jesse Palmer sent them all away from the beach. The men were instructed to stay and then were introduced to a new group of Paradise arrivals.

As the above clip implies, it seems things may not work out in Lace’s favor. In the October 18 episode, Rodney admitted he didn’t really miss Lace.

“While I talk to Eliza, Lace has not been on my mind … I hope that she’s not just sitting there, thinking about it,” he said. But she was, and her desire to clear the air led to this beach convo. Will Rodney end up with Eliza, and will Lace go home brokenhearted? Time will tell.

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