‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Casey Woods Says He ‘Hasn’t Walked in 4 Months’ After On-Set Injury

Casey Woods on 'Bachelor In Paradise'

Bachelor in Paradise ended on a less-than-idyllic note for cast member Casey Woods. The reality star, who entered The Bachelor world during Season 18 of The Bachelorette, had a particularly dramatic exit from Season 8.

During the October 17 episode, after informing castmate Brittany Galvin that newcomer Peter Izzo was talking poorly about her, Woods suddenly felt faint. As Galvin left to confront Izzo, Woods told bartender Wells Adams that he felt dizzy, like he might pass out. And just like that, he collapsed.

When the medics arrived they treated him for a serious injury that removed him from the season, but viewers didn’t know just how serious it was until Woods shared the details on his Instagram stories during the airing of the episode.

Posting a photo of his foot in a cast, the reality star shared that this wasn’t an old photo, but that four months post-filming, his foot is still healing. He noted that he has undergone three operations since leaving the show in June, and he says he still has three broken bones.

Woods has said that he fainted due to heat exhaustion and stress. He also went on to clarify that he hasn’t been able to walk at all since he finished filming the show, adding, “Just to be clear, this is my foot in a cast right now. Tonight. I haven’t walked in over 4 months.”

Casey Woods on Instagram

“I think most people don’t how severe the injury was,” he noted.

The injury led to an hour-long ambulance ride to the hospital, as apparently there are no hospitals in paradise.

Four months is a long time to still have so many issues — which likely means he broke it in just the exact worst area. Hopefully, he gets well soon, so he can return next season.

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