‘The Voice’: 6 Must-See Battles From Night 2 (VIDEO)

Bodie and Jaeden Luke in 'The Voice' Season 22
Spoiler Alert

Season 22 of The Voice continues as the Battle Rounds rage on and while team members are going head-to-head, coaches are getting competitive as well.

As fans of the competition series know, Battle Rounds give Gwen Stefani, John Legend, Blake Shelton, and Camila Cabello the chance to save or steal hopefuls who don’t win their Battles, leading to some cutthroat behavior. Tagging along for this round of the competition are the coaches’ Battle Advisors Sean Paul (Team Gwen), Jazmine Sullivan (Team Legend), Jimmie Allen (Team Blake), and Charlie Puth (Team Camila).

Below, we’re rounding up the stellar performances, advice from the Battle Advisors, and much more. And let us know what your favorite moment from the episode was in the comments section.

Orlando Mendez & Ava Lynn Thuresson sing Elton John’s “Rocket Man”

Camila assigns her team members a Country spin on Elton John‘s classic tune which they practice alongside advisor Charlie Puth. Likening her control to Taylor Swift, Charlie tells Ava to bring some more confidence to the performance as she admits she often looks down while singing. As for Orlando, Charlie and Camila suggest he control his air a bit better for more control. Once Orlando and Ava hit the stage, their performance soars. Ultimately, Camila chooses Orlando as the Battle winner, and Ava is sent home.

Jay Allen & Cara Brindisi perform Don Henley and Stevie Nicks’ “Leather and Lace”

Gwen’s team members are excited to meet their advisor Sean Paul who enjoys the power of Jay’s voice and the comfort in Cara’s. Keeping that in mind, Gwen suggests that Jay tap into the tender side of his voice for the duet which blends better when the performers practice again. By the time Jay and Cara do hit the stage, Gwen can’t help but be charmed by Cara’s control, naming her the winner. But Gwen isn’t done with jay yet as she hits her save button at the same time, Blake hits his steal button. Forced to choose between the spouses, Jay decides to give Team Blake a try.

Emma Brooke & Nia Skyfer sing Tate McRae’s “she’s all i wanna be”

After meeting their advisor Jazmine Sullivan, Emma and Nia get to work practicing their assigned song by Tate McRae. Along the way, John tells Nia to open up more on bigger notes, and suggests that Emma allow her mood to darken with the tone of the song in order to better sell the emotion. Taking these pieces of advice into consideration, Emma and Nia exhibit their improvements on stage during their Battle. In the end, Emma is chosen as the winner and Nia is sent home.

Bodie & Jaeden Luke perform Justin Bieber’s “As Long As You Love Me”

Team Blake’s singers couldn’t be more different when it comes to practicing for their Battle as advisor Jimmie Allen notes. While Bodie’s voice is powerful, there’s a softer quality to Jaeden’s that helps ground the performance. There isn’t much advice to be given, as Jimmie wonders who will be successful in the match. Ultimately, Blake decides that Bodie is the winner, but Gwen and Camila are eager to hit their steal buttons for Jaeden. In the end, Jaeden decides to go with Team Camila.

Reina Ley & Grace Bello sing Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time”

Team Camila’s Reina and Grace are overjoyed to meet their advisor Charlie Puth during rehearsals, asking for advice as they put together their version of Cyndi Lauper‘s classic. When Grace asks for help hitting notes, Charlie and Camila suggest that she work on her core to help build a stronger hold over her voice. After Grace and Reina take to the stage, their performance moves Camila to select Reina as the Battle winner, sending Grace home.

Justin Aaron & Destiny Leigh perform Mary J. Blige’s “No More Drama”

In the final Battle of the night, Justin and Destiny listen intently to Gwen and Sean’s advice, taking into account that Destiny needs to improve her onstage confidence, and they both need to lean into the dramatic side of Mary J. Blige‘s song. It pays off as Justin is named the Battle winner, but Gwen still fights for Destiny by using her save on the young singer.

Who else will continue onto the Knockouts? Stay tuned as Battles continue on The Voice.

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