‘Pennyworth’ Team Talks More ‘Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll’ in Season 3 (VIDEO)

Holy “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butler,” Batman!

Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman’s Butler recently kicked off its third season on HBO Max (after initially launching on Epix) with a five-year time jump that inches the action that much closer to a universe where costumed villains run amok.

“We’re moving from a kind of ’50s world through the ’60s world and we’re now in the ’70s, I guess you’d say,” offers exec-producer Bruno Heller. “And that is when things start going a little crazy.” He ain’t lying. The season premiere introduced us to PWE — People With Enhancements — like a guy with a robotic arm who could very easily evolve into the kind of high-tech terror we’re used to seeing on the streets of Gotham.

Pennyworth - Jack Bannon

Heller and co-EP John Stephens joined series stars Jack Bannon and Ben Aldridge, who play Alfred Pennyworth and Thomas Wayne, at New York Comic Con earlier this month, where they sat down with us to discuss what is coming up in this bold new season.

Among the goodies we got from them? Bannon’s perfectly Michael Caine-ish Alfie will be “enjoying” the new era and the fruits of his success as a security expert, while Aldridge, rockin’ the sexiest mustache on TV, hints that Thomas will be attempting to stay out of trouble as a family man now that he and Martha (Emma Paetz) have wed and had a daughter named Samantha. In addition, Heller offered us the intel that coming up later on, we’ll see a “proto-Clayface” causing trouble, as well as some more comedic moments as Alfie attempts to make sense of these almost-evil new threats around London.

“When things are not quite right is when they’re funny,” notes Heller of the “beta-testing” baddies. “Also, it’s English, you know? And English people tend to do things in a half-assed way.” No matter, we’re all in already!

Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman’s Butler, Thursdays, HBO Max