‘9-1-1’ Gets Explosive: EP Teases Ticking Time Bomb Threat in Hen-Focused Episode

Aisha Hinds in '9-1-1'
Jack Zeman/ FOX

Tonight’s hour: explosive!

Aisha Hinds’ Hen Wilson takes center stage in 9-1-1 Season 6 Episode 6 (airing October 24 on Fox) when the LAFD paramedic and the 118 respond to an eruption at the lab where her wife, Karen (Tracie Thoms), works. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist — which Karen actually is — to realize that a place containing unstable substances and high-tech equipment is a ticking time bomb.

“The building houses many departments under the same roof, which come with different dangers,” explains executive producer Kristen Reidel, adding ominously, “some that the 118 isn’t even aware of when they arrive.”

Karen and Hen’s budding scientist and roboticist son, sixth-grader Denny (Declan Pratt), is also on site. “Part of his project is in-person observation of Karen’s day-to-day duties,” Reidel says. “No one expects an emergency of this magnitude to occur.”

While the first responders race the clock, the episode also flashes back to Hen and Karen’s past — what the EP calls “the obstacles that nearly prevented them from committing to each other, as well as the surprising force that pulled them together.”

Once the smoke settles, Hen finds she has some soul-searching to do. “She’s had this dream of becoming a doctor,” Reidel notes, “but that doesn’t come without a cost.”

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