‘Jeopardy!’ Sets Second Chance Competition Dates & Competitors

Jeopardy! Second Chance Tournament Ken Jennings
Jeopardy Productions, Inc.

Jeopardy!‘s long-discussed Second Chance competition has set a premiere date with the games kicking off beginning Monday, October 17.

The show features 18 contestants who didn’t become Jeopardy! champions during their initial appearances, but will return to the stage to compete again.

The competition is set to air over the course of two weeks with each week featuring three semifinal games and a two-day final. The winner of each week’s mini-tournament will earn a spot in the coveted upcoming Tournament of Champions, which begins right after the Second Chance competition’s run concludes on Monday, October 31.


(Credit: Jeopardy!, Inc.)

For more information on the gameplay, fans are encouraged to visit the official Jeopardy! website at jeopardy.com/secondchance. Jeopardy! is also revealing which competitors will play each week. The list only includes contestants that played since the last Tournament of Champions in May 2021. Below, see who will be taking part, and mark your calendars for the Second Chance competition:

Week 1 (October 17-21)

James Fraser, a naval aviator from Newport Beach, Calif. (Season 37)

Aaron Gulyas, a community college history instructor from Grand Blanc, Mich. (Season 38)

Molly Karol, a certified public accountant from Austin, Texas (Season 38)

Tracy Pitzel, an accountant from Ellensburg, Wa. (Season 38)

Renée Russell, a branch office administrator from Baltimore, Md. (Season 38)

Pam Schoenberg, a dentist and entrepreneur from South Salem, N.Y. (Season 38)

Jessica Stephens, a statistical research specialist from Nashville, Tenn. (Season 38)

Erica Weiner-Amachi, a teacher from Philadelphia, Pa. (Season 38)

Cindy Zhang, a user experience designer from New York, N.Y. (Season 38)

Week 2 (October 24-28)

Sadie Goldberger, an interpreter from Columbia, Md. (Season 38)

Alicia O’Hare, a social worker from Long Beach, N.Y. (Season 38)

Do Park, a sportswriter from Minneapolis, Minn. (Season 38)

Tom Philipose, a writing professor from Forest Hills, N.Y. (Season 38)

Nikkee Porcaro, an educational consultant and business owner from Silver Spring, Md. (Season 37)

Jeff Smith, a music educator from San Diego, Calif. (Season 38)

Sarah Snider, a teacher from Fishers, Ind. (Season 38)

Rowan Ward, a chart caller, writer, and editor from Chicago, Ill. (Season 37)

Jack Weller, a law student from San Diego, Calif. (Season 37)