‘Celebrity Jeopardy!’: Watch Mayim React as Ken Jennings Is Praised (VIDEO)

Mayim Bialik and Constance Wu

Mayim Bialik put The Afterparty actor Ike Barinholtz on the spot on Celebrity Jeopardy! on Sunday, October 10, when she brought up his love for Jeopardy! host Ken Jennings.

Barinholtz was a contestant on Sunday’s episode of the ABC show, alongside The Terminal List star Constance Wu and former NBA player turned sports analyst Jalen Rose. It was during some mid-game chit-chat when Bialik asked the awkward question. “You are a huge fan of Jeopardy; specifically, you’re a huge fan of Ken Jennings?” she inquired. “As we all are,” she added.

Not wanting to get dragged into the often intense “Bialik vs. Jennings” debate, Barinholtz tried to remain as neutral as possible. “Let’s just be clear, I’m a huge fan of [Jennings] as a player,” said The Mindy Project alum. “As a host, I’m totally agnostic. I love you and him equally. You’re both my children,” he continued as the studio audience laughed.


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Barinholtz did, however, agree that he is a massive fan of Jeopardy! and has been watching since he was a child. “I’ve seen Alex Trebek go through three different mustaches,” he quipped. He also admitted to playing the late Trebek on an old MADtv sketch.

Elsewhere, Wu found herself being silenced by the network’s censors. Firstly, she switched her “Damn it!” response after an incorrect answer to the more family-friendly “Gosh darn it.” But she wasn’t able to save herself during Final Jeopardy! when she ran out of time while answering the final clue, which was, “A New York Times headline about this disaster included ‘866 rescued’ and ‘noted names missing’.”

Wu wrote “tit” as her response, which ABC censored with a bleep. The correct answer was, of course, Titanic, which Wu obviously knew. “I meant Titanic,” she argued. “Some people call the Titanic the Tit. This is a well-known fact!”

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