‘Interview With the Vampire’: See Lestat Help Louis Find His First Kill (VIDEO)

Following the smoldering series premiere of Anne Rice’s Interview With the Vampire, the AMC drama is back with bloodlust in Episode 2. Premiering Sunday, October 9, Interview With the Vampire Season 1 Episode 2 will show the direct aftermath of Louis de Pointe du Lac accepting the dark gift and transforming into a bloodsucker.

In this TV Insider exclusive clip above, Lestat de Lioncourt (Sam Reid) teaches Louis (Jacob Anderson) how to use his new abilities and, most importantly, how to feed. Louis’s ears can now pick up noise “like a maddening symphony,” Lestat explains. He then shares how Louis can zero in on each person to hear their thoughts.

“Follow my voice, a single string,” the Frenchman croons. “Your eyes will wander, led by your hunger. Are you hungry, Louis?” The starving, on-the-prowl Louis curtly responds, “Uh huh.”

Lestat, gleefully watching Louis acclimate, then describes the humans of New Orleans as his former brothers and sisters, “but now, they’re your savory inferiors.” He compares the humans to wine, each one boasting different flavor profiles with their combination of blood and flesh. Some are “fleshy and tart,” others have “hints of iron, rather plain otherwise,” and the drinking sailors they set eyes on are like an “oak-aged cabernet, thick-skinned and chewy.”

Louis chooses his prey — a handsome, boisterous sailor — and begins to lunge, but the smitten Lestat warns against going “straight for the prettiest girl at the party,” even if he does “admire the aesthetic.”

“In the beginning, it’s best to let the food come to you,” he proclaims, pointing Louis’s eye to a better option sitting at the bar.

Check out the scene above to see Lestat’s educational stylings, and tune into Interview With the Vampire when it airs Sunday on AMC. Episode 2 is streaming now on AMC+.

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