‘From Scratch’: 3 Reasons to Binge Zoe Saldaña Life-Affirming Series

Jessica Brooks/Netflix

Dreamy, heartbreaking, and life-affirming: From Scratch, inspired by Tembi Locke’s memoir about her multicultural relationship with late Sicilian chef husband Saro, is a full meal for anyone hungry for an epic love story.

Here’s why you’ll be rapt with the Zoe Saldaña drama, premiering Friday, October 21 on Netflix.

1. The Romance

After aspiring American artist Amy (Saldaña) meets Lino (Eugenio Mastrandrea) in Florence and he moves to the States, their commitment to each other — tested by family disapproval and his illness — is moving and sexy.

“Marriages get complicated. They also can get richer and hotter,” says Attica Locke, who executive produces with her sister.

2. The Familiarity

You’ll feel you truly know these people thanks to details borrowed from real life — like the chef’s affinity for corn dogs!

3. The uplifting message

Even in dark times, you can find a light — that’s a truth Amy discovers after Lino’s passing. Says Tembi, “We hope people see that you can create beauty where you are, in any circumstance.”

From Scratch co-stars Danielle DeadwylerKeith David, Judith Scott, Kellita Smith, Lucia Sardo, Paride Benassai, and Roberta Rigano. Saldaña also executive produces with Reese Witherspoon, Lauren Neustadter, Richard Abate, Jermaine Johnson, and Will Rowbotha. Nzingha Stewart and Dennie Gordon direct.

From Scratch, Limited Series Premiere, Friday, October 21, Netflix