‘Disenchanted’ Trailer: Amy Adams’ Giselle Turns Into an Evil Stepmother (VIDEO)

In Disenchanted, fifteen years after happily ever after, our favorite princess Giselle (Amy Adams) and her beloved prince Robert (Patrick Dempsey) leave the fairy tale kingdom of Manhattan to move to the fairy tale suburbs of Monroeville. Joining them is Giselle’s stepdaughter Morgan (Gabriella Baldacchino, replacing Rachel Covey from the original Enchanted). Disney+ shared the official trailer for the sequel at the D23 expo on September 9.

The trailer opens with Giselle explaining to her pigeon and rat friends that “I know that change can be scary, but it can also be exciting.” The happy family goes off to start their new life in Monroeville, and upon seeing their new home, Giselle explains, “It’s all part of the adventure.” Her stepdaughter replies, “That’s not an adventure, that’s a landfill.”

“A land filled with adventure!” Giselle, ever positive, quips back. They seriously need some help from Chip and Joanna Gaines. They’re welcomed to their new humble abode by Giselle’s kingly ex-boyfriend, Edward, once again played by James Marsden, and his bride, Nancy, played by Idina Menzel.

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Starring Amy Adams and Maya Rudolph, the sequel to Disney’s 2007 fizzy hit 'Enchanted' tunefully blends animation with live action.

Another welcoming committee soon joins the fun in Maya Rudolph, who heads up a group as a mean-girl/realtor who tells Giselle she would have sold her the house, but she deals in more upscale homes.

Giselle eventually wishes for a fairy tale life, and then things seems to go terribly wrong when our adorable, cheerful Giselle possibly turns into an evil stepmother. Yikes! But with this being a Disney movie, I’m sure our heroine will once again find her happily ever after in suburbia.

In addition to a super fun holiday family film, the movie is bound to be filled with more enchanting music, because songwriters Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz once again provide the original tunes. They won three Academy Awards for their songs in the original movie.

Disenchanted, Premieres Thursday, November, 24, Disney+