‘Little Demon’: Lucy & Danny DeVito Preview Animated Father-Daughter Relationship

Little Demon FX Chrissy and Satan

FXX is gearing up for a father-daughter tale like no other with the arrival of its new animated series Little Demon.

Set 13 years after reluctant mother Laura (Aubrey Plaza) was impregnated by Satan (Danny DeVito), she and her Antichrist daughter, Chrissy (Lucy DeVito) attempt to lead an ordinary existence in Delaware. But their lives are constantly thwarted by monstrous forces, including Satan who hopes to secure custody of his daughter’s soul.

Lucy and Danny Devito for Little Demon

(Credit: Meaghan Darwish/TV Insider)

“We are playing father and daughter, but in a very fantastical world,” Lucy DeVito says of the dynamic with her real-life dad Danny DeVito. TV Insider caught up with the duo while attending the Disney Upfronts in May where they spilled some exciting details. “It’s a crazy comedy with mythical creatures in different realms, but it’s rooted in core relationships between families,” Lucy adds.

Satan’s a little more agreeable than some might think when it comes to his desire to have a bond with his daughter. “I try to tell her that hell is a nice place to come. It’s got a bad rap,” Danny says of his character’s efforts to convince Chrissy she should spend more time with him. “There’s a lot of mother-daughter things that are going on too with a 13-year-old girl that I don’t get involved in,” he says.

Little Demon FXX Lucy DeVito as Chrissy

(Credit: FXX)

Whatever their onscreen relationship is like, Lucy says, “it’s so special” getting to share this experience with her dad, brother Jake DeVito, and mother Rhea Perlman. In the series, Jake serves as an executive producer, and Rhea is lending her vocals for a guest-starring role.

“I love it,” Lucy adds. “It makes me so happy that we’re able to do that. We’re able to spend time together.” Her dad confirms this, adding, “every day we’re communicating about the show, about other things. We also have other things that we’re developing as a company. But seriously, every day we talk about Little Demon.”

While it was nice working together, it wasn’t without its challenges either as Danny points out, “with the pandemic and all being separated we did a lot of it on Zoom.” Despite these hurdles, the DeVitos, along with the help of creatives like Dan Harmon brought together a fun animated comedy even the most devilish of individuals could enjoy.

Catch Little Demon when it arrives on FXX and watch episodes the next day on Hulu this fall.

Little Demon, Series Premiere, Thursday, August 25, 10/9c, FXX (Next day on Hulu)