‘The Exorcist’ Has One Hell of a Finale (VIDEO)

The ExorcistThe Exorcist
The Exorcist

The Exorcist reaches its first-season finale this week and “it is a corker,” promises Ben Daniels, who plays disgraced priest Father Marcus. “I think it’s probably gonna be the finest hour of horror TV…it’s really, really out there. It’s great.”

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In this exclusive clip from the legitimately satisfying and terrifying episode, the fully integrated Regan-Angela (Geena Davis) explains to her captive family that the demon inside her has plans to use them for part of his master plan. But don’t count out this crew completely. Even under the sway of a sinister force, the remaining Rances still have some spirit of their own.

And what of the other Satanists and their conspiracy to assassinate the Pope? Well, with Regan now running the show, Daniels teases that all hell is about to break loose. “There is a lot of destruction in [this episode]. That’s all I can say!”

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As for the future of the series, no one at Fox is saying what comes next—there is already a fan campaign on Twitter to #RenewTheExorcist—but Daniels is proud of how the show’s first season has delivered a weekly mix of scares, solid storytelling and surprises, all wrapped up in a atmosphere that feels like it was conjured from the original film. “There’s this sort of different sensibility that [the writers and producers] all fought for behind the scenes, which I think has really paid off,” he says. “I think it looks like no other network show.”

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