‘WOW: Women Of Wrestling’ Enters the TV Ring This Fall

WOW Women of Wrestling
WOW: Women of Wrestling

GLOW, might be over, but the real thing is about to hit your TV this September.

WOW: Women Of Wrestling will premiere on nationally syndicated TV during the weekend of September 17.

WOW is owned by Jeanie Buss, controlling owner and president of the Los Angeles Lakers. WOW is all-female wrestling organization with a global TV footprint, and its deal with Paramount Global Content Distribution is the largest-ever distribution deal in the history of women’s wrestling.

“From sports to politics to business and beyond, women’s voices are being heard louder than ever, and the Superheroes of WOW couldn’t be more excited to step into the ring on September 17 and join this revolution,” Buss says.

WOW was created by David McLane, founder of the original GLOW: Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Author, writer and former WWE Superstar AJ Mendez is WOW’s executive producer and color commentator.

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The Smashing Pumpkins frontman purchased the organization in 2017 and feels momentum building today.

“The Superheroes of WOW have come from all walks of life to prove who’s the best, and are eager to show the world what’s been missing for years from women’s professional wrestling,” McLane says.

WOW: Women Of Wrestling, Premieres in Syndication the Weekend of September 17