Steve Harvey Rips Boyz II Men As They Flunk ‘Celebrity Family Feud’ (VIDEO)

Steve Harvey
Family Feud/YouTube

Boyz II Men members Wanya Morris and Shawn Stockman were doin’ just fine on the Sunday, July 31 edition of Celebrity Family Feud until they reached the end of the road with a pair of tragically wrong answers.

With just nine points away from a win, all the boys had to do was answer the simple question: Name a month of the year with five letters. Sounds simple, right? Well, not quite. The pressure of the moment clearly got to Morris and Stockman as both men hilariously screwed up their chance to win big.

“July,” answered Morris, clearly one letter short of the required answer. Meanwhile, Stockman went the other way, answering “August,” giving a month with one too many letters. Both men instantly knew they had messed up big time, and if they didn’t realize, Steve Harvey‘s shocked and baffled reaction certainly clued them in.

“Awwww, damn. I straight up thought that — oh, man. Ugh,” said Morris as he saw his answer pop up on the board. Stockman was equally embarrassed, saying the pressure got to him. “There’s a lot of pressure, Steve,” Stockman said to Harvey. “There’s a lot of pressure, man.”

As Stockman tried to walk away in shame, Harvey directed him to come back. “No, Shawn, you actually have to stay out here and deal with it,” the long-serving host said.

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Harvey continued to dig in as he tallied the points, revealing that the Grammy winners were just nine points short of the 200 needed to win. But, as the survey showed, not one person answered August. “All we need is nine damn people that don’t know that it’s two U’s in August,” said Harvey. “We just need five [sic] people that do not know that it’s two U’s in August. If we get rid of one of them damn U’s, our ass is making the money.”

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