‘Paper Girls’ Stars on Going Back to the ’80s to Bring the Graphic Novel to Life (VIDEO)

Prime Video‘s Paper Girls is sending viewers to the ’80s and back as it tells the story of four girls who find themselves caught in the middle of warring time-travelers.

In anticipation of the show’s July 29 premiere on the streamer, stars Camryn Jones, Riley Lai Nelet, Sofia Rosinsky, Fina Strazza, Adina Porter, and Nate Corddry visited the TV Insider and TV Guide Magazine studio, sponsored by Hollywood unBranded, at San Diego Comic-Con, to talk all things Paper Girls.

Sitting down with Damian Holbrook, the stars opened up about their roles and reflected on the ’80s setting of the series. The titular paper girls Erin (Nelet), Mac (Rosinsky), Tiffany (Jones), and KJ (Starzza) find themselves transported through time in the early morning hours following Halloween in 1988 as they land in the future.

Paper Girls Season 1 cast

(Credit: Prime Video)

There, the girls must find a way home and also come face-to-face with the grown-up versions of themselves. “We weren’t friends originally, but I think going through what could be considered traumatic experiences in the show really bonded us and made us closer,” Jones teases of their onscreen dynamic. “Plus, I feel like we related to each other off the bat and I think that really helped.”

Taking time to describe their unique characters, Nelet teases that Erin “comes from a very sheltered household… so she starts out quite naturally to be a bit timid and awkward and then as all these crazy things start coming at her is when we really start to see how she’s feeling internally.”

As for Strazz’s KJ, she says the character is “fiercely protective of her friends and incredibly loyal and compassionate, she is subtle until she is not and this series really allows her to go on this journey of finding herself similarly to all the girls.”

When it comes to Rosinsky’s Mac though, she describes her as “a foul-mouthed, brazen, outspoken kind of aggressive, little street rat and she’s grown up in a rough household but she has a heart of gold.” According to Jones, Tiffany is also firey as she says, “Tiff is this encyclopedic curious fireball… because she always wants to learn more and better herself.

See what else the girls and their costars are sharing about the series in the full video interview, above, and don’t miss Paper Girls when it arrives on Prime Video.

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