‘Full Frontal’: Ashley Nicole Black’s ‘Ms. Robot’ Segment Will Make You Paranoid AF

Full Frontal Ashley Nicole Black TBS

If Mr. Robot regularly gives you nightmares about corporate conspiracies and technological terrorism, you might want to skip this clip from last night’s Full Frontal With Samantha Bee. Sam Esmail’s tense tech thriller has nothing on correspondent Ashley Nicole Black’s report on the American surveillance state. As ACLU tech expert Chris Soghoian puts it, when he takes office in January, Donald Trump will inherit “the most powerful surveillance machine ever built.” Our only hope, according to Soghoian is that President Obama pulls a Morgan-Freeman-at-the-end-of-The-Dark-Knight and dismantles that apparatus. Otherwise it’s all about duct taping the camera on your laptop and creating passwords so cryptic you’ll never actually remember any of them.

Elsewhere on the show, Sam Bee picks apart Ohio’s newest intrusion into women’s reproductive rights and basically compares the current state of the Democratic Party to The Donner Party: “Democrats are now officially in the wilderness…and they’re reacting the way any desperate party lost in the wilderness would: by attacking and eating each other.”

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