Do You Want a ‘Maggie’ Season 2? (POLL)

David Del Rio as Ben, Rebecca Rittenhouse as Maggie in Maggie
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Just as Maggie (Rebecca Rittenhouse) seemed to have accepted how things were — her loss of visions, Ben’s (David Del Rio) future with Jessie (Chloe Bridges) — the Season 1 finale of the Hulu rom-com changed everything. (Maggie was originally in the works at ABC.)

At Amy (Angelique Cabral) and Dave’s (Leonardo Nam) rehearsal dinner, Jessie revealed she knew about Maggie and Ben’s past … and found out the others already had. After a night of fighting, Ben admitted to Amy that he’d assumed he and Jessie would end up together, but thought it would be easier. Meanwhile, Maggie apologized to Jessie and took the blame for Ben not telling her. Still, Jessie wanted someone who wanted to build a future with her, and she didn’t think Ben did.

Chloe Bridges as Jessie, David Del Rio as Ben in Maggie

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However, after Angel (Ray Ford) suggested Maggie lost her visions because she wasn’t using her gift to the full potential to help people, she went to talk to Ben. He shared that he thought he’d find love with her after she gave him that reading, and she revealed that while she thought she saw them falling in love and having a life together, she was wrong. “I had a vision of you marrying Jessie,” Maggie said. “She’s who you end up with. … She’s the one, Ben. She’s your future and all she wants is to know that.” She encouraged him to go tell her and believe it himself.

Then at Amy and Dave’s wedding, Jessie had a ring on her finger … but at the reception, when Ben gave Maggie the coin back, it triggered her visions to return. And Ben’s bride flickered between Jessie and Maggie, showing the latter last.

Does this mean that Maggie and Ben are going to end up together? Is the future simply in flux and Ben could marry either Maggie or Jessie? Will Maggie’s visions continue to change? Could her powers be changing and she’s seen possible futures and it doesn’t necessarily mean anything that she saw herself last?

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What the future might hold for Maggie, Ben, and Jessie is just one dangling thread at the end of Season 1; there’s also the matter of Louise’s (Nichole Sakura) love life — has she met her one? — and what could be coming for Maggie as a psychic. Do you want to see a second season to see those questions and more answered? Let us know in the poll below.

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