‘Maggie’: Rebecca Rittenhouse on Her Psychic Complications in New Hulu Comedy

Rebecca Rittenhouse as Maggie in Maggie
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There are some things even psychics can’t predict, as the new Hulu comedy proves.

Maggie follows the titular character, played by Rebecca Rittenhouse, who had enough trouble dating before her gift as a psychic led to her seeing her own destiny in the future of a stranger, Ben (David Del Rio). But can she let herself fall in love when it’s especially complicated, since she gets glimpses that make here think she knows how it ends and he has a girlfriend (Chloe Bridges’ Jessie)?

David Del Rio as Ben, Rebecca Rittenhouse as Maggie in Maggie

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Here, Rittenhouse details the challenges Maggie’s facing as a psychic and in her personal life in the new series.

How does how Maggie handles being a psychic change throughout the season? Because her gift isn’t new to her, but some things about it are.

Rebecca Rittenhouse: She has a really big arc throughout this first season where she really has to learn to live in the moment and not to let her psychic visions control her decision making, because she really doesn’t see the full picture a lot of the time, she just sees a bit and then makes an assumption. And so she has to learn to stop doing that and just make the best decision based on her gut instincts and her feelings. I think that’s something that’s been harder for Maggie to be in touch with, is her feelings, and so she grows a lot as a person throughout the season.

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'Maggie' Sees Her Own Future in Trailer for New Hulu Series (VIDEO)

Rebecca Rittenhouse plays a psychic whose special powers start causing problems.

And then she sees glimpses of her own future with Ben. But he has a girlfriend, which makes it complicated. How does she feel about potentially seeing her own future?

It’s really scary for her to see her own future. That’s never happened to her before. She’s only ever seen other people’s futures or things that they do, which has kind of prevented her from wanting to date certain guys because she’ll, for example, see the way they like eat pizza or something. She’s like, oh, gross, no. But it’s kind of a way for her to just stay in her fear and stay uncommitted, and she really has to learn to embrace her life and living her life as a result of seeing herself in this vision that she has in the pilot.

What is Maggie and Ben’s relationship like with all those complications?

At first, they have a lot of chemistry and then they become friends and they kind of ignore the chemistry they have and they want what’s best for everyone, including Ben’s girlfriend, Jessie, and Maggie genuinely becomes friends with Jessie. And so it is complicated and I think it brings up the question — I think a lot of people have this experience in their lives where they date someone and it doesn’t work out for whatever reason, but they think, “Oh, but I had this deep connection with them. I really felt it. Isn’t that supposed to mean something?”

Sometimes it is and sometimes you end up together, and then other times, that person was just there to teach you something about yourself or a lesson that you needed to learn and kind of comes in and out of your life. I think that Maggie is teaching us that you have to take everything for what it’s worth in the here and now and not try to force things to fit into a certain view of your own destiny, that you have to live in the moment.

Rebecca Rittenhouse as Maggie, Nichole Sakura as Louise in Maggie

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How does Maggie’s gift affect her relationship with her best friend, Louise (Nichole Sakura)?

Louise and Maggie are a really good balance because Louise is always reminding Maggie you have to live in the moment. Most of us don’t have these visions and we have to make decisions anyway and so you basically have to ignore them. But at the same time, we’re also bad at taking our own advice, right? Because one of Maggie’s rules is that she doesn’t give readings to family and friends, but Louise knows her so well that she can kind of tell when Maggie has a vision and if it involves a decision Louise has to make or whatever. And so then when Maggie realizes that and stops giving away her tells, Louise is really mad about it. She’s like, wait, no, I want that back. So I think it’s just so typical of friends: You want what’s best for your friend, you give them advice, but it’s often hard for you to follow your own advice.

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